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Get a taste of Epicure!
The North Saanich innovator is serving up flexible careers

If you already love Epicure’s “Better Than Bacon Topper” and can’t get through grilling season without your “Good Burgers. Real Fast” kit, you know the value of quality ingredients.

But did you also know these go-to products, and hundreds more like them, are prepared and packaged right here in North Saanich? And that they couldn’t get to you without … people just like YOU?

At the onset of COVID, it was unclear what business and manufacturing would look like for Epicure, a North Saanich-based direct sales food company. When food-related businesses were deemed essential, Epicure quickly ensured the necessary protocols were in place for their Home Team Members, and thus for the consultants and consumers of their fine products..

In turn, consumers getting creative in social isolation turned for inspiration to those products they knew, loved and trusted.

The result was a booming business, says HR Manager Paula Bernard, who welcomes new members to the Epicure team to keep up with the demand.

While much of the staffing has come on the operations side, involving the preparation, packaging and distribution of Epicure products, the opportunities are diverse and well-suited to a variety of individuals, she notes.

The right addition to the Epicure team

While experience in warehousing work is useful, the right attitude goes a long way, whether you’re looking for a permanent full-time position or you’re a student, parent or retiree looking for a part-time, flexible opportunity.

“We hear it so often from our team – it’s the people they love working with and who keep them coming back,” Bernard says.

Some love that eight-hour morning shift that keeps them busy and on their feet; when their shift is over, it’s time to pursue their favourite off-hours activities.

Moms and dads with young children might like a 9 to 2 shift that lets them drop off at school and be back for pick-up time too!

Semi-retired team members enjoy the chance to stay active and engaged after a busy career, and students? Bernard is happy to create a part-time schedule that works for you!

“I’m not only looking for the skills for a particular position, I’m looking for the right fit – a person who will care about what they’re doing and about their co-workers,” Bernard says.

So important is it to find the right people for the job, Epicure also offers a variety of pretty unique incentives, in addition to the competitive wages:

  • Post-secondary students who stay with on the job until December can get one of their courses paid for.
  • High school students can receive up to $500 for an RESP or credit for a particular activity.
  • The Referral program is easy to access and is open to the public as well as Home Team Members
  • Newcomers who are on the job until December will receive a $250 signing bonus in January.

Welcome to your shift

What does an average day at Epicure look like? You’ll enjoy a wide variety of tasks, all supported by a well-established process essential for a food-safe environment.

You’ll enter through the screening station with temperature check, hand-washing, and gloves and masks to get ready for your shift.

You’ll join your co-workers at a “stand-up” session, a chance for the leadership team to bring everyone up-to-speed with what’s happening that day.

You’ll then head to the whiteboard detailing your assignment. You might don the headset and scanner, for example, then pick up all the ingredients for an order, which you’ll deliver to the packers, before moving on to the next one.

On your next shift, you might move to a packing station, where you’ll ensure products are packaged for safe transportation and attractive presentation.

Breaks are spent relaxing in the “Epic-room” or outside in the rural Saanich Peninsula countryside.

Ready to join the Epicure team? Visit, call Paula Bernard at 250-920-5224 or email